California indigenous flowers mail order direct from the plant nursery that is native.


In the event that week contains a vacation, we will examinations to be sure there was at the very least a one time buffer in shipping. The next available full week if there is not, you’ll receive your plants. In the event that getaway is within the middle of week(July 4) , we might miss the week. We make an effort to have the flowers for you as quickly as possible, but establishing within the sunlight in Tuscon or snowfall in Denver is certainly not one thing our flowers want to experience.

Where do we ship mail purchase?

We just ship to Arizona, Ca, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. We now have had an arduous time shipping|time that is difficult towards the midwest or maybe more eastern considering that the plants get mangled and baked.

Shipping Expenses

Control: $18 per purchase. This cost is for gathering, bagging, boxing flowers and driving the 25 miles into UPS.

Shipping: Per plant, by fat and dependent on your shipping location. The flowers weigh between 2-5 pounds each, each species has it is own weight that is assigned. We’ve changed our shopping cart application to automatically use UPS to determine the delivery price purchase. There was a limitation utilizing the pc software that individuals’ve maybe not figured out(chimps with sticks), at about 20 flowers the UPS expenses begin going down, it isn’t significant until such time you purchase about 30 flowers, we re-adjust( often lower) Ups fees at about 25 plants. At 50 flowers the costs are ridiculously off ($110 instead of about $75 to Los Angeles)and the application will likely not also work above about 80 flowers. Therefore, purchase everything you can(whether or not it’s available) and either e-mail list or spot an extra order and then we’ll combine them and e-mail that you brand new total. Total cost/plant for delivery and management below $2/plant when you purchase a lot more than 20 flowers.

There was just sales tax situated in California. The purchase income tax is ours, currently 8.25%.

Visa, Mastercard or mail a check. To mail a check use the online ordering technique, but printing the order before you put your card quantity in and send it with a check to Las Pilitas Nursery, 3232 Las Pilitas Rd. Santa Margarita, 93453. The order that is online through Mal’s E-commerce, a protected fall field for credit cards, wonderful for small enterprises with shops. Mal’s we can do mail purchase in a secure and protected way. You move to a secure server at Mal’s and your card information is locked up for us to retrieve at shipment when you use the cart. We try not to save yourself card information following the shipment is complete.The mail operation is hard we have to run a separate inventory to remove your plants from inventory for us as. It removes it from inventory when you run a ‘normal’ order through the system. Stock administration is our abyss.

Whenever do we deliver?

We ship Mondays and Tuesdays, to stop any delays that may perhaps take place which may keep your plants in shipping within the weekend. A tracking is sent by us quantity to your current email address at shipment. L . a ., Oakland, Sacramento & most every one of California ship UPS next day. once you’re in l . a ., if you purchase by Friday at 4pm, you really need to have the flowers by Wednesday, barign any UPS delays.

How can we deliver?

We ship via United Parcel Service. The gallon size flowers are removed from the pot, the source ball bagged, the flowers boxed, and shipped. We try not to ship root that is bare. The flowers weigh between 2-4 pounds each and delivery costs derive from plant fat.


  1. To browse our plant items head to our online store.
  2. Proceed with the backlink to each plant you want, scroll down unless you arrive at the increase Cart area.
  3. Type in that plant you’d like to purchase and then click the «Add To Cart» key.
  4. Pick your delivery area and then click the «Recalculate» button to recalculate the delivery expenses.
  5. When you need to stop and spend click on the «Go To Payments» button which will lead you away.
  6. you are able to click on the «Continue Shopping» switch to incorporate flowers to your purchase until your come to an end of income, or we come to an end of flowers.

You’ll access your cart at anytime the right that is upper of of our pages and clicking on the «Cart» website link. Since it is a protected web web site it’ll kick you down in the event that you stop for meal. You will often have a half an hour more or less between tasks, longer it assumes you’re gone and disconnects.

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